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Woman Shares Genius Use For a Frozen Cucumber and No, It's Not What You're Thinking

Get your mind out of the gutter, sheesh.

Before you clutch your pearls and sputter, no, TikToker Brittanie Nash isn't suggesting you use a frozen cucumber *ahem* there. We all know it can be used in delicious recipes, she found an even better use. The content creator uses the frozen, admittedly phallic, vegetable to achieve glowing, snatched skin. As someone with large pores and who suffered from cystic acne, Nash says that incorporating this vitamin rich food into her skincare routine has completely transformed her skin.

How? Well, let her show you!


So to recap, shaving the skin off of the cucumber, popping it in the freezer, and massaging into your face once a day can help tighten skin for an all over glow. The enzymes found in the "meat" of the cucumber are great for exfoliation Making sure it is iced along with the massaging helps reduce pores. She also follows up with making an aloe vera ice pop that  also helps calm skin and helps with acne scaring. 

She noted in the comments that she shaves down the cucumber every other day and rinses it with water every day too to keep bacteria away. Nash also noted that when you're done the ice massage do not rinse off what is on your skin. Instead massage it in  on your face, down your neck and even on your chest for a sincere glow up. Still skeptical? Check out her "after" video that compares her skin to how she started versus where she is currently at. 

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Both estheticians and dermatologists vouched for her in the comments, listing all of the aforementioned benefits and more. Of course if you are allergic to cucumbers, please avoid at all costs. 

What works for Nash might not work for you, but she and the estheticians in the comments said to give it about a month before you see full results. 

Now excuse us while we go pop a cucumber in the freezer!

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