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Recipe for 'Broccoli Cheddar Chicken Noodle Casserole' Makes Us Want to Weep

Now that it’s time to add a layer or two of clothing to our outfits, it’s also the season for savory meals. The foods we eat during Autumn and Winter are warm, nourishing, and make us feel good inside. We tend to use our ovens more than usual. That’s because savory meals include delicious baked goods and dishes. One popular colder weather meal is a casserole. Casseroles are brilliant because they combine multiple ingredients into one entrée. It’s perfect if you’re trying to save time but still want a fulfilling dinner.

In a TikTok video, content creator @halfbakedharvest shares her recipe for Broccoli Cheddar Chicken Noodle Casserole. We’re waiting patiently for our bowl of this beautiful meal. It really doesn't get any better than this.

Wow! Our eyes couldn’t look away from that tasty dish. Why didn’t casseroles look this good when we were growing up? Let’s see how the TikTok community reacted to this recipe. User @MichelleDiazEsq said, “Oohhhh, we love a similar casserole with rice. I will definitely try this noodles version!” @Andrea wrote, “Made this last week. It was easy and awesome.” @Aleena replied, “I made this. I found the recipe on your website. It was so good.” @user126285307544 Denise remarked, “Making it for dinner tonight. And I have everything!” @Mel suggested, “Sprinkle bread crumbs on top before browning!”

We enjoyed reading the suggestions because they might add a little something the original recipe lacked. If you liked this recipe and want to see more, visit @halfbakedharvest’s TikTok channel. It’s full of entertaining content you don’t want to miss.