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Woman’s Hack for Stopping Bananas From Turning Brown Is Totally Genius

We’re looking for the sweetest selection around when it comes to fruit shopping. Don’t get us wrong, there are benefits to eating fruit besides natural sugar. But ripe fruit is the best. After finding your ripened snack, you buy it and bring it home. However, that’s when the clock starts ticking. None of us knows when our fruit was picked unless we grew it. So, once it’s home, you have minimal time before it goes bad.

One of the fruits we tend to forget about is bananas. It’s not that we don’t like them. But if they’re still ripening, we often shove them to the side. Yet distractions happen, and those suckers could be brown before you remember they’re nearby. In a recent video by TikTok user @shadiersandy, we learn an easy hack to prevent bananas from browning. We wish we’d known about this sooner!

Wow! We never knew that a simple hack works wonders! How many of us could have used this information before today? We’re guessing a lot. Plus, can we give her beautiful kitchen a shout-out? It’s very spacious yet inviting. Plenty of people on TikTok loved this hack as well. Business owner @Sweets In The City said, “Thanks for sharing! I never knew this.” User @Angela wrote, “Oh, thank you. I will try this.” @CatCrazyMom exclaimed, “I can’t wait to try this! P.S. Your home is lovely.”

Yes, the house is lovely, and the hack is brilliant. Some viewers suggested using plastic wrap or tinfoil. If that works for you, go ahead and do it. But we like the paper towel method and can’t wait to try it.

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