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Watch Chef Turn Browning Berries Into a Delicious Healthy Snack

NYT best-selling cookbook author Carleigh Bodrug shows TikTok how to made sure old berries don't go to waste.

So many of us are aspirational eaters. We truck to the grocery store with the best of intentions and load our carts up with fresh fruits an veggies. This is the week we are all going to turn it around; we're going to snack on tasty berries and delicious crunchy carrots. But you know how it does. Monday gets crazy, by Wednesday we're snacking on chips, and by Friday when we remember the berries they are all brown and unusable. Or are they?

 According to NYT best-selling cookbook author Carleigh Bodrug, they shouldn't be counted out. She has an excellent use for those browning berries: Fruit leather. 


Bodrug's method is a super accessible one. Apparently blending up those berries in a blender or food processor, adding chia seeds and a dash of maple syrup for some natural sweetness is all it takes. When you're done, set the oven to 175 degrees or turn on the dehydrate option. On a parchment lined paper you spread out the blended fruit mixture into a thin layer and pop in the oven. The only thing is, since dehydrating is a long process, it'll take about 5 hours to fully cook. 

However on the plus side, you can use any combo of your favorite berries and you might get your kids to "accidently" eat healthy. That sounds like a win-win for us!

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