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Dreamy 'Brussels Sprouts Au Gratin' Will Be the Hit of Thanksgiving

We’ve never seen an au gratin side dish quite like this one. If you’re looking for an unforgettable show-stopper for Thanksgiving, this recipe will do the trick. TikTok content creator @themodernproper shows us how to make the dreamiest Brussels spouts on earth! 

This exceptional side might upstage the turkey!

Even the kids will love eating Brussels sprouts like this! This next level side only takes one pan to prepare. In a hot oiled skillet, she adds; shredded Brussels sprouts, and garlic, and gives them a light sauté. She adds cream, lots of parmesan cheese, sliced leeks, and shredded gruyere. Then it's topped with Panko breadcrumbs and baked until golden. OMG. We don’t want to wait for Thanksgiving to try this! We adore the use of leeks in this dish. It’s a lovely compliment to those little cabbages. If you don’t have leaks, perhaps shallots could work here too.

Viewers fell in love with this recipe. Viewer @MayaSaren commented, “so like baked mac n cheese, but just Brussels instead of noodles? I like it.” We like it a lot, too. Viewer @MadelinePatterson suggested, “add some bacon or some pancetta.” Ohh, that sounds magical. Viewer @jerick commented, “my aunt used to make a , broccolini, corn, cheesy melt casserole with plain Kellogg's corn flakes for the crunch... best I've ever had.” That’s an interesting idea; we’ve got to try that as well. Viewer @ingalicious shared, “Made it last year for Thanksgiving and everyone loved it!!” This is great to hear!

We're thrilled to have this side dish idea for our Thanksgiving meal. And we have a feeling we'll be making it all winter, too.