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Recipe for 'Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese' That's Made Using a Blender Is Too Good to Be True

By now, you know we love recipes that upgrade old favorites. So it’s unsurprising that we’ve found a way to improve macaroni and cheese. Yes, we know you might be thinking that’s impossible. Nothing is impossible when you think outside the box. You'll want to know this new recipe if you’re a macaroni and cheese lover. We guarantee it’s something that will get your mouth watering. If you don’t believe us continue reading.

In a TikTok video, content creator @nikitafair shares his recipe for Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese. We finally get to add chicken to this dish and not feel judged. Did we mention it's healthy, too?

Wow! He made it look so easy to cook. There is minimal prep time required. All you’ll need is make the process flow smoother is pre-cooked chicken. Plus, you can boil the macaroni and set it aside while making the cheese sauce. If you do those steps, this recipe shouldn’t take more than half an hour to forty-five minutes. Let’s see how the TikTok community responded. User @Emanuel Ventura wrote, “Probably the easiest meal for me personally to make.” @Tik Toker replied, “Trying to find a dairy-free substitute for most of these dishes.” @Dat_One_Also revealed, “It was a fire. I might cut some of the hot sauce next time. LOL.” @KetoLicious G~ma 🌻remarked, “Looks yummalicious for a cheat day.”

Yes, this Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese is on our list of quick recipes. We loved everything about it. If some of the ingredients aren’t to your liking, you can research substitutions. To stay updated on the current content, visit @nikitafair’s TikTok channel. You’ll be pleased you did.