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Baker Shares Simple Butter Hack That's Blowing People's Minds

Genuinely was today-years-old when we learned this.

They say that baking is science, not art, and in part they are right. For your cakes or cookies to come out the way you want them, you have to measure things accordingly or risk the flavor or consistency completely changing (and sometimes botch the whole recipe). But that doesn't mean that baking isn't a beautiful process. And the things that make it so special are the tiny details. 

Sometimes when it comes to baking we tend to work harder, not smarter, because we're afraid to upset that delicate art/science balance. Which is why we trust the word of other seasoned bakers when a tip comes along and Lora, the queen of life hacks who shows them off on TikTok's @LORAfied, has the best trick for saving butter and greasing a pan. 


This simple and genius trick is something her own mother did for years. Instead of wasting a stick of butter trying to force it into a muffin tin, you can simply save the butter wrapper and use that. All she does once she removed the butter from the wrapper, is take the sheet, fold it over, put it in a plastic baggie and then pop it in the freezer. That way, the next time she is ready to bake with her cupcake or muffin tin, she has a simple, buttered tool to use. She just takes the sheet and greases the pan, wasting no butter and no time. 

Upon seeing this, followers seemed to feel both inspired and a little silly for not knowing this neat trick beforehand. But a few had even more ideas for how to put that paper to use. One user responded:

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"Yup! I definitely do that! PLUS: since the wrappers are parchment paper, you can use them as parchment paper liners for muffin cups, etc."

Honestly y'all the best hacks are the simplest ones that make the most sense. So don't feel badly and enjoy this new easier way of living!

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