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Secret to Getting Perfect 'Soft, Spreadable Butter' Lies in This Easy Trick

If you’re a baker, having softened butter is essential. Many recipes call for butter. Waiting for it to reach room temperature can be a pain. Some people are lucky enough to remember to remove the butter from the fridge in advance. But if the desire to bake up a batch of chocolate chip cookies hits you, there’s no time to waste.

Thanks to a video by TikTok users @theketodashians, we learned of a way to keep your butter spreadable whenever you need it. Surprisingly, this trick has been around for a very long time. A lot of people probably don't know this exists.

Talk about a well-kept secret. We’re sure we aren’t the only people who didn't know that this invention existed. However, butter bells, also known as butter crocks, have fallen out of necessity with the invention of refrigeration. What do TikTokers have to say about it? @lemondropb said, “I love mine! My mom and dad got me one for Christmas.” @Megan Ackers exclaimed, “I have this, and it’s absolutely amazing!!” @Shelley remarked, “Holy cow! I found one at a thrift store and had no idea this is how you use it!”

Perhaps, more people knew about this butter bell than we anticipated. Yet not everyone is a fan of using it. @brittanfloresB3 suggested, “Just leave the butter on the counter. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Save your money.” @Me disclosed, “I don’t like the smell after a couple of days even if you change the water.” That’s understandable, @Me. Maybe changing the water every other day would remedy the smell. Either way, this butter bell is nifty and worth testing out.

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