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Sinfully Delicious Recipe for 'Cannoli French Toast' Is Truly a Work of Art

If you enjoy eating dessert for breakfast, you’ll definitely want to check out this next idea! TikTok content creator @fooddolls shares an amazing recipe for cannoli French toast that you don’t want to miss! This looks so ridiculously good!

Once you see French toast like this, you'll never eat a plain piece again.

Is she for real? Holy cow! Our minds are blown by this divine breakfast creation.
We love a good stuffed French toast, but we have never tasted anything quite like this before. This dreamy breakfast starts by stuffing slices of toast with a homemade ricotta filling. Yes, yes, yes! After the slices are stuffed, she cuts them into four. 

She puts them into a baking dish, face up, and covers them with homemade custard. Have mercy on our thighs! She covers the dish and allows the bread to soak up all of that custard overnight in the fridge. In the morning, she tops this off with chocolate chips and bakes until golden and dreamy. We're pretty sure we might fall over unconscious when we make this, but it's a chance worth taking.

The audience was drooling over this idea, and viewer @DorothyHartfield commented, “That looks absolutely delicious!! (I would, however, trade chopped pistachios for the chocolate chips.)” We don’t know about instead, but we could go for pistachios in addition to the chocolate chips! Viewer @makaita10 commented, “This has so many possibilities! Great with ice cream or a Chantilly cream. Yummy!” Wow, that sounds amazin,g too!

This special recipe would be the perfect way to start off a birthday with a bang! And because calories don’t count on birthdays, you can make it and eat it all. We don't count them on weekends either, so you know what we'll be making on Saturday morning!