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Caprese Salad Swaps Tomatoes for Beets and the Result Is Gorgeous

If you love beets but rarely prepare them at home, we’ve found a wonderful recipe that you’ll want to make for dinner tonight. TikTok content creator @holistic.foodie shows us how to make a Caprese-style salad; using beets instead of tomatoes. This unique salad looks all sorts of sensational.

Forget the out-of-season tomatoes. Sweet, earthy beets make this too irresistible. 

This delightful salad has us mesmerized. The creaminess of the mozzarella must pair so perfectly with those sweet beets. We usually love goat cheese for the contrasting tanginess, but we're ready to give dreamy mozzarella a try. 

We adore the use of salty pistachios in this salad and combined with the olive oil and sweet basil, it must be an absolute masterpiece. Add a nice slice of warm, buttery bread for a perfect fall meal. You can easily mix up this dish with walnuts or sunflower seeds or you could add a splash of citrus dressing for a little acid in each bite, too. 

Most of the audience loved this spectacular salad. Viewer @MisterD4N commented, “Beets are so underrated. Love them. This looks like a great recipe.” It really does look amazing. Some in the audience weren’t feeling this mild cheese choice. Viewer @Tronnaandy added, “The mozzarella has no chance to stand up against the earthiness of the beets. You’ll need goat cheese and acidity to make this work.” 

We think a mild cheese works just fine in this salad. Not everyone loves the strong flavor of goat cheese and we think we will adore this soft change too. Viewer @ireneirene7373 chimed in with, “Omg. That looks so yummy!” We agree!

We're very happy to have red and golden beets in our fridge, along with a fresh ball of burrata. Yum!