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Recipe for 'Caramel Apple Cheesecake' Makes Us Wish Fall Would Never End

We love all the wonderful, rich, and alluring flavors of fall. We also adore a good cheesecake, and when it has caramel, apples, and a brown sugar topping, we're running, not walking, to get a slice! TikTok content creator @stephaniesweettreats sends us into orbit with this out-of-this-world, fall cheesecake recipe. 

You have to see this dreamy caramel apple cheesecake! It looks just to die for! 

Oh, for the love of everything good and holy, we have got to get our hands on a slice of this cheesecake. This drool-worthy creation starts with a beautiful cheesecake batter that contains sour cream. We love cheesecakes that have that tangy little flavor, and it balances perfectly with the sweet caramel apple topping! YUM. The beautiful brown sugar graham cracker crust looks truly divine. And if that wasn’t enough, that crumbly brown sugar topping with the caramel and cinnamon apples is giving us heart palpitations.

The audience was also in awe of this recipe. Commenter @StephanieSimmons tells us, “Better than apple pie!” We sure think this looks better than plain old apple pie, too! Viewer @abbie was on her way to the grocery store, noting, “I’m sprinting to the store idc no one can stop me." This is a terrific ide, that also may burn a few extra calories and earn you an extra slice! Viewer @Zev mentions, “I don’t know if this was intentional, but this is perfect for Rosh Hashanah." This recipe sure does sound perfect for any holiday!

We believe the best part of fall is the food, and it’s the only excuse we need to get started on this cheesecake!