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Recipe for 'Caramel Apple Cinnamon Roll Casserole' Comes With an Easy Shortcut

If you love baking hacks and sensational fall desserts, stop everything and watch this video. TikTok content creator @weekendcraft shows us a brilliant new way to make a show-stopping dessert. You won’t believe how great this looks, and it only uses 3 ingredients!

This fall dessert hack will be on your dinner table tonight!

Just when we think we’ve seen all the recipes using refrigerated dough, there’s a new one to delight us! Start by greasing a casserole dish. Take 2 containers of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and cut each roll into 4 pieces. Place the pieces into the greased casserole and add in diced apples and Kraft caramel bits. We would never have thought to use the dough or the caramel bits in this way. What a great idea, and it couldn't get much easier! Bake that beautiful mixture at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. And when it comes out of the oven, drizzle on the icing that came with the cinnamon rolls. This looks so darn good!

The audience also shared some great ideas. @Vaughn commented, "OMG, thank you! I’m going to add some pecans.” Wow, those sure sound like a delightful addition. Viewer @JoieMoretti asked, “Could I make these muffins sized? That way, everyone can have their own.” And the video's creator, @weekendcraft replied, "I don’t see why not. Bake time would probably be closer to 15-20 mins.” Super, we can eat them even faster!

We love to have our cinnamon buns on the weekend, but we 'll give this a try for dessert tonight. It just looks too good to wait!