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Adorable 'Caramel Apple Poppers' Recipe Is a Sure-Fire Hit

If you love making holiday candy, you'll definitely want to see this next idea. This sensational popper has everything we love in one bite and so much more. TikTok content creator @gariannestable shares her absolutely sensational fall recipe, and we can't wait to try it.

This amazing bite-size appetizer will be devoured in no time!

We love making Rolo pretzel candies for the holidays. But we have never even considered adding an apple to the top. This idea is so sensational, and it's going to taste so bright, crisp and delicious. For this easy recipe, simply lay square pretzels out on a sheet pan and place an unwrapped Rolo on top. Place them into a 250 degree oven, just until the Rolo starts to soften, about 3-4 minutes. Using a toothpick, place a piece of diced apple on top. These look so freaking delicious.

The audience was all over this idea. Viewer @kmp0416 commented, “I do these every year with a pecan instead of an apple. Don’t heat them as long and they won’t pop and lose all the caramel.” Viewer @Heather suggested, “do pretzel apples and then Rolo and bake. They are amazing.” Hmmm, that assembly idea sounds like it’s worth a try, too. Viewer @bransonfun commented, “I actually gasped at this. Can’t wait to make them.” We can’t wait to make them either!

This sensational recipe will be the perfect treat to serve on Thanksgiving. Our family already begs us to make Rolo pretzels at Christmas and now, they'll be asking for them with apples on Thanksgiving!