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Healthy Recipe for 'Cauliflower Baked Parmesan' Looks Almost Sinful

If you’re looking for a new vegetarian dish that can elevate your meatless Monday menu, this next recipe is going to brighten your week. Seriously, we’re not even vegetarian, but after seeing this video from TikTok content creator @diet_healthy10 , we might just consider it! 

This cauliflower Parmesan recipe is gonna blow you away! This looks way too good, to be a vegetable!

OMG, doesn’t that look amazing? We would never have come up with such a great idea but we're very happy someone else did. This recipe is so easy that even if you’re making chicken parmesan for the rest of the family, this cauliflower dream will go along perfectly without any additional fuss.

This unbelievably easy recipe begins by slicing the head of cauliflower into large pieces, like a fillet. Then, she breads each slice and bakes it in the oven until it’s softened inside and crispy outside. Yum! Then, she takes it out, tops it with a nice marinara sauce, adds mozzarella and parmesan cheese, and puts it back into the oven with a sprinkle of parsley. Always a lovely touch! Bake it until the cheese is melty and browned, and prepare for greatness.

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When it comes out of the oven, that melty cheesy goodness will look as good on the cauliflower as it does on chicken. We are very impressed! Commenter @user4185398567584 said what we are thinking, too, “Omg looks so good." That it does! 

We'll be putting this recipe in our weekly rotation, and we'll be sure to keep it on deck, for our vegetarian friends and family.

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