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Celebrity Chef Shows Off What She Cooks for Kylie Jenner in a Day

The lives of the wealthy are envied by many. We dream about having the money so that a daily work grind is a thing of the past. But what can extreme wealth buy you? There are enormous mansions, one-of-a-kind designer clothes, private jet service to any destination, and much more. One thing that rich people do is eat well. They can afford to dine on succulent foods from the best chefs.

In a TikTok video by content creator @chefklosangeles, she shares what’s cooking in Kylie Jenner’s kitchen. The celebrity chef’s menu for Kylie sounds tasty. We wouldn’t mind pulling up a chair and eating. However, it’s not the strict health food everyone imagines her to eat. This is not what we'd expect Kylie's daily menu to be.

We’ll take a serving of everything, please. The taco salad, Chinese chicken salad, chocolate chip cookies, and banana bread all sound terrific. It must be amazing to have someone cook for you whenever you’re hungry. Most of us lose that option after we become teenagers. Let’s see if the TikTok community loves Kylie’s menu. User @🦋 wrote, “Looks soooo good.” @Shantellerose said, “Must be nice.” @Meesh replied, “Oh, to have a private chef.” @Aka, YOUR MOM, remarked, “This is the only thing I get jealous over rich people for!!!! I want someone to cook for meeeeeee.”

Yes, the rich know how to enjoy their money. Having food is a blessing but employing a chef is heaven. If you enjoyed this glimpse into Kylie Jenner’s life, head to her chef’s TikTok channel @chefklosangeles. You never know what tasty treats she’ll post next.