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People Are Dying to Recreate Woman's Raised Garden Bed 'Cemetery'

When a gardener realized her garden looked like a graveyard, she fully leaned in.

Working outside in the garden is one of the most rewarding things. The hard work, sweat and dirt turn into a gorgeous landscape...most of the time. Sometimes, it ends up appealing to more alternative tastes, and that't exactly what happened to plant and pet mama Ariel (@morbidmama7). 

While she admittedly has a taste that leans towards the macabre, when she stepped back and got a look at her black gated raised garden bed she realized it looked like a graveyard plot. So Instead of trying to fight the natural aesthetic, she leaned into it. And now, people are dying (pun absolutely intended) to recreate it for themselves. 


Ariel decided to make hysterical headstones that both label and serve her aesthetic. But being a gardening queen, she also added some incredible puns. Some of the our favorite gems? "Here Lies Rosemary" and "RIP Strawberry 'She got in a jam'" and of course "It was her Thyme."

Naturally anyone into the "goth aesthetic' was obsessed with this idea. 

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"This is the best and makes me want to try gardening again," proclaimed one user. 

"I have never wished for a green thumb more than I am right now," stated another.

And if you're feeling inspired this spring, she even made an easy tutorial on how to get this graveyard glow up for your own garden. 

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