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Stunning Recipe for 'Cheddar Turkey Melt Sandwich' Has Us Totally Captivated

Do you eat the same lunch just about every day? We understand, we're creatures of habit, too. Working from home this can be especially true, or if you have a houseful of fussy eaters, having a go-to meal that pleases everyone is essential. Sometimes, you don’t need to make any drastic changes. But a nice, easy upgrade can elevate your boring lunch and make it far more enjoyable for everyone. 

TikTok content creator @eatpayylove shares her leveled-up turkey sandwich recipe with us, and it will definitely give your next meal a nice twist. You'll want to try this today!

Yep, this looks much better than the lunch we had planned, and it’s easy enough to handle on a weekday. She begins with two slices of toasted Trader Joe’s sourdough bread, adds chipotle mayo to one slice and then smashed avocado to the other. Then, she piles on a little tomato, baby spinach, and a few pieces of oven-roasted turkey breast with melted cheddar cheese. Easy enough for us! This simple recipe can be adapted to your liking. Add a little red onion or a few banana peppers and you’re in business. 

The viewers were impressed by this easy upgrade, and user @ButtaCup_Cheche asked, “Did u get this Panera Bread? Lol.” At first, we were wondering that, too! User @Doc.Itan makes another great suggestion, saying, “Substitute chipotle mayo with TJ’s vegan pesto and trust me… your life changes forever.” That also sounds delightful!

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No matter what details you decide on, this turkey sandwich idea is going to make your next meal so much better!

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