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Indulgent Recipe for 'Cheese-Stuffed Pizza' Is Such a Treat

If you are in the mood for pizza but you're not sure what kind, you're going to find this recipe very intriguing. TikTok content creator @kelseysfoodreviews shares her recipe for cheesy-stuffed pizza. And it looks so outstanding!

This cheesy pie will bring everyone home for dinner!

Oh, my goodness. That looks like a very tasty pizza pie. This recipe is so easy. You might want to start making all your pizza at home from now on. She uses a cast iron pan with a piece of dough to fit the bottom. She layers on slices of fresh mozzarella, freshly grated parmesan, and slices of provolone. Then she places another piece of dough over the cheese, sprinkles onions, olive oil, and oregano on top, and bakes until it’s golden on gooey inside. Sign us up! 

This untraditional pizza looks delicious. If onions aren’t your thing, we feel confident you could leave those off. We think a little sprinkle of ground beef, sausage, finely diced chicken, or bacon might also go nicely inside with the cheese. You have plenty of options for this stuffed pizza and can try a new version each week until you find your favorite.

The audience had some mixed feelings about this idea. Viewer @OhanaStitch52 suggested, “Add fresh tomatoes and basil inside. It's awesome.” That sure sounds good. Viewer @GigaChadExtreme commented, “looks delicious. needs garlic on top as well.” That sounds nice, too. Viewer @Malcotentious wasn’t sold on the pie. “Sorry, but it's not a pizza without a sauce. It's glorified cheese bread.” You can always add sauce to your stuffed pizza or serve it on the side for dipping too.

We are always happy to try a new kind of pizza. We'll be giving this terrific recipe a taste tonight!