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Mind-Blowing Recipe for a 'Cheeseburger Crescent Ring' Is the Stuff of 'Big Mac' Dreams

We can always go for a good cheeseburger. However, this cheeseburger recipe is not like any we’ve seen before. TikTok content creator @loveineverymorsel shows us how a new way to make an old favorite. This recipe reminds us of McDonald's and we aren't ashamed to admit that we love a good Big Mac!

Check out this cheeseburger crescent ring, which is essentially a Big Mac in party-size form. Did we mention there's a shortcut ingredient? 

Yep. You can make this with store-bought crescent rolls! Are you hungry yet? This recipe is great for both game day or a busy weeknight. The scrumptious cheeseburger ring starts by laying 2 packs of crescent rolls to form a ring. On the widest part of the dough, add the ground beef that’s been seasoned and cooked with onions. Then, cover the ground beef with slices of American cheese! Yes, please! Top the cheese with pickles and then fold the points in toward the center to form a wreath-like ring. 

Sprinkle on a few sesame seeds and bake that beautiful cheeseburger! Dip this delight into a special burger sauce, ketchup, mustard or whatever you’d like. Right about now, the only thing we are trying to figure out is how quickly we can get this into our mouths!

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Viewers also saw the greatness in this idea. @Tubby Gee commented, “That looks absolutely amazing,” and the recipe's creator @loveineverymorsel replied, “Thanks, it’s crazy good.” Yep, just thinking about it is driving us crazy!

This recipe has made it’s way to the top of our menu, and since we have all the ingredients in our fridge, we will be making this tonight! Dinner can't come fast enough.

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