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Top 5 Best-Selling Menu Items at 'The Cheesecake Factory' Are Pretty Surprising

Everyone loves cheesecake. It's delicious, and there are so many ways to add a twist on the classic version. This is one of the reasons The Cheesecake Factory is such a popular restaurant among Americans.

When you think of The Cheesecake Factory, you probably think of the assortment of cheesecake they sell. However, one woman reveals in a viral TikTok video what the best-selling menu items are, and the results may shock you. Check out her video below to see which dishes cracked the top five.

Wow, no cheesecake in the top five? We're shocked! Then again, the dishes she did name are scrumptious. Three chicken dishes, the spinach dip, and grilled salmon round out the top five, and these are all great choices.

The people in the comments took this as an opportunity to rave about their favorite dishes from The Cheesecake Factory. Several people proclaimed their love for the Fried Mac and Cheese as well as the Avocado Egg Rolls. A wide variety of chicken dishes were mentioned in the comments, making us think people just really like chicken!

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Others drew attention to how massive The Cheesecake Factory menu is. @tortillawithbutter commented, "I went for my first time a few months ago and the menu was so overwhelming," and @asteria700 said, "How do the cooks remember everything? It’s an insane amount of food!" While the menus are extensive, it provides an opportunity to everyone to find a dish they like!

Maybe in her next video, this content creator can show us the top five cheesecakes that get ordered at The Cheesecake Factory! They have so many options that it's sure to start a debate among cheesecake enthusiasts.

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