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Couple's Video of 'Cheesy Dorito Beef Crescent Roll Pie' Has People All Bent Out of Shape

One of the best things about being a kid was devouring our favorite snacks. Doritos are a fan favorite that quickly found their place in pop culture decades ago. Fast-forward to today, and these cheesy chips are still going strong. A lot of people have even started using Doritos in their meals. TikTok user @syllygirl is no exception, and she’s joined the "Doritos for dinner" bandwagon. Her recent video has over 9 million views, and we can see why. Her recipe includes cheese, beef, and of course, Doritos. What’s not to love?

Well, with every TikTok video there’s always somebody who isn't happy. TikTok users managed to find something about the recipe clip that they just can't seem to get over. And of course, people can't restrain themselves from putting their two cents in. Check out the video to see what has people all bent out of shape.

OMG. Are people seriously complaining about this dude?! Okay, so the video has light commentary throughout the duration. But is it really that annoying? So many people are totally turned off. TikTok user @ VinnyS pleaded, “Cameraman needs to hush. I’m trying to pay attention.” User @ 👴🏻 rhys said, “Why does bro gotta make some sort of remark every 2 seconds?” While @Jessica Grosset offered help and replied, “Blink twice if you’re being held against your will.”

Alright, we get it. His comments are distracting for some. Not all people want to boot him off. Another user said, “Guys can y’all be quiet? Y’all are talking more than he is.” User @ Alex remarked, “Idk why everyone is hating on him. He makes the videos so much better. What?” 

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And apparently, the couple might be taking people's complaints to heart. In their latest video, featuring a dessert taco trick, the guy is nowhere to be found. People are even going so far as to wonder if they broke up. 

Huh. Guess time will tell?! But honestly, whether these video comments are sincere or sarcastic is anyone's guess. But at least we can agree the Dorito Beef pie looks yummy, right?

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