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Video of 'Loaded Cheesy Potato Bread' Looks So Good We Might Weep

Just hold our calls. We are taking the day off, just so we can eat this bread. We've seen a lot of things, but we've never seen a bread quite like this one. TikTok content creator @two.plaid.aprons is going to have you completely captivated by this heavenly carbohydrate creation.

This recipe for "loaded cheesy potato bread" is full of so much goodness, we aren't even sure where to begin. You have to see this to believe it!

OMG! Just stop it, we are slobbering all over our computers! We love bread, and we love loaded baked potato soup, but never in a million years, would we have ever thought to combine them! Genius! This perfectly paired marriage might leave you in a carb coma, but who cares? It looks too good, not to try!.

This next-level idea uses homemade dough. Roll out that beauty and stuff her with the soft, cheesy potato mixture. We can’t hold back our excitement when we see this treat getting pan-fried. Oh. My. Goodness! Brown up that beautiful crust and serve a cheesy slice, right over here, please! Holy moly!

The carb-loving audience was also enchanted by this innovative recipe, and one viewer commented, “My cholesterol is raised just looking at that, but I’m definitely trying it anyway”. Yep, we are too. Commenter @Craftymomdala said, “Making my mouth water here at work!” We totally understand your pain.

Apparently, some viewers have been lucky enough to experience a similar bread, and user @lori1186 commented, “My Slovak bubba used to make this (w/o the fancy stuff, just potatoes, cheese and onions). It’s called Pagach in many Eastern European countries.” We would have loved her Bubba. 

We're lacing up our shoes now, as we need to burn off some calories because when we make this, we're going to eat it all!