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These 'Cheesy Lobster Enchiladas' Are a Total Vibe

These luscious lobster enchiladas have our heads spinning! We love enchiladas as much as we love lobster, so this unique marriage of flavors is a feeling like it would be a real treat for our tastebuds! Instagram and food truck favorite @cousinsmainelobster shows us how to prepare enchiladas like we have never dreamed of doing before.

You’ll be dreaming about this lobster for weeks!

Heavens to Betsy! This might be one of the most decadent recipes we’ve set our eyes upon. If the buttery rich lobster wasn’t enough on its own, it’s wrapped up inside a warm, crispy, flour tortilla. Then it's drenched in a cheesy, buttery, spicy, scratch-made sauce. Woah! This is, next-level, outrageously delicious! We are really not sure how they came up with this idea, but we aren’t complaining and we are so happy for the creative genius who thought of it.

The audience was also stunned by the stellar burrito, and many viewers were asking for the recipe; @nwislandgirl206 commented, "Oh My! Looks so delicious. May I please have the full recipe? I enjoyed some @cousinsmainelobster rolls in Glen Cove last December.” Good for you, we bet those lobster rolls were sensational!

If you don’t have a Cousin’s Lobster near you, or if you want to eat a whole tray without judgement, in the privacy of your own home, you can send them a direct message to get the recipe too. So nice of them to share their tasty secrets with us!

Thankfully, we have a Cousin’s truck in our area tomorrow. We really need to get our lobster fix after seeing this video! However, we will also be requesting the recipe; we won’t miss out on making this at home, anytime we’d like!