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Chef Turns 'McDonald’s' Food Into A 3-Course Gourmet Meal and We’re Obsessed

Have you ever bought some fast food but thought to yourself, “why can’t this be a gourmet meal?” Okay, so we guess we’re the only ones that do this. It’s fine. We like to dream big and think outside the box. But turning fast food into fine cuisine is becoming a trendy topic on social media sites like TikTok. We see countless footage of professional chefs turning a fast food meal into something served at five-star restaurants. If you like those types of videos, continue reading.

In a viral video by TikTok content creator @dannygrubs, he takes his McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets to Chef Ashish. He asked the chef to work his magic and turn it into a gourmet meal. Boy, he really delivered. Why can't all McDonald's food be gourmet?

We’ve never considered turning Mcdonald's food into Foie Gras Caul Fat and Black Truffle McDonald’s. Plus, Baked Alaska for dessert was simply sublime. Chefs are artists regardless of what anyone says. Let’s see if the TikTok viewers enjoyed watching this transformation. The food chain @McDonald’s replied, “Watched this without blinking.” @albert_cancook said, “Amazing job.” @literally.starving wrote, “So early I’m nervous.” @Jah remarked, “I don’t even wanna see what he does to KFC.” @TurtleFish joked, “Dude is making food out of food.” @AssassinKDA9 admitted, “I always love to watch these videos. For some reason, it’s satisfying seeing something go from good to amazing.”

We are right there with you @AssassinKDA9. This man is truly talented, and we hope to see more of him at work. If you liked the video, please visit the @dannygrubs’ TikTok channel. You’ll be mesmerized by what you find.

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