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Easy Recipe for 'Chick-fil-A Casserole' Is a Fast-Food Dream Come True

If you’ve ever dreamed of having all the things you love from Chick-fil-A at home in one mouthwatering casserole, this easy recipe is about to make your day! Don't worry, this recipe doesn't look anything like the tuna-noodle style casserole you may have grown up with. TikTok content creator @macy.blackwell uses everything we love to make one dynamite dish!

This is not your grandmother's casserole, and you won't be able to get enough of it!

This insanely good recipe will have even the casserole haters converted to lovers in no time! She starts this simple and delectable dish by placing already baked waffle fries on the bottom of the dish. She layers store-bought mac and cheese on top, adds cooked pieces of breaded chicken over that, tops it all with cheese, and bakes this sinful meal in the oven until it’s hot and melted. She tells us she uses Chick-Fil-A sauces to top the bowls off, so that everyone can choose their favorite flavors. Yep, we are feeling hungry now.

The viewers were ready to give this a try. @Nadine commented, "Stopped at the store after work, it’s in the oven now!” Viewer @Mariah, tells us, “I gotta say, I've had a solid 2 weeks of your meals and my family thinks I'm the queen. Buts it's you! Thank you!!” Good to know, we think this meal will make our families very happy with us, too!

We're hoping we have everything we need in the fridge so that we can make this for dinner tonight. We know this meal will receive a royal welcome in our house!