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Woman's Hilarious Fast-Food Sandwich Mishap Could've Happened to Anyone

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Have you ever gone to pick up a food order, and something went wrong? Either the food wasn’t ready when you arrived, or they messed up the order. Some items might be missing. Or they gave you the wrong food. Yes, it can be inconvenient, especially when those hunger pains start. But have you ever been the reason why the order is messed up? It’s happened to us when ordering in an app. Sometimes your finger taps the wrong item, or you forget to request certain condiments aren’t used. The possibilities are endless. 

In a TikTok video by user @amilyn4, she shares her recent food mishap. She wasn’t prepared for this app order. We can’t imagine unwrapping our sandwiches and seeing them looking that way. We’d probably lose our appetite. This makes us think twice about ordering food via apps.

Yes, we’re not really fans of ten slices of Pepperjack cheese. Ick. But at least she could peel them off without it messing up the sandwich. They were still edible. Let’s see how the TikTok community felt about this self-made mix-up. User @CarolineStairs said, “If there’s one thing about Chik Fil A, they’re gonna give your exactly what you ordered.” @chrisnash48 joked, “I’m ordering this next time!” @dreamygirl3030 admitted, “They made it so pretty.” @Julie👌 admitted, “This happened to me with the app and cheese cups. I wanted one, but I got 8. I was wondering why the total was so much. Well, I paid for 8 cups of cheese too.”

Wow, that’s a lot of cheese cups, @Julie👌. But at least we know @amilyn4 isn’t the only one to goof on an app order. But we’re confident you’ll both double or triple check your order before checking out. If you enjoyed this video, visit @amilyn4’s TikTok channel for more entertaining content.