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Video of 'Chicken Alfredo Mozzarella Panini' From Connecticut Diner Has Us Salivating

We hope you’re not on a diet, because after you see this cheesy creation, you’re going to need to find yourself some serious eats. TikTok content creator @devourpower takes us along on a visit to the Elm Street Diner in Stamford, Connecticut. Whatever you do, don’t tell your cardiologist about it!

This panini might be the most sinful sandwich we've ever seen!

We are feeling almost speechless at the sight of this cheesy wonder. To start with, the bread looks absolutely amazing. Both sides are already covered in melted cheese when they get the breaded chicken and four mozzarella sticks placed on top. That’s right, four! Oh, my gosh! If that wasn’t enough to stop your heart, the outer part of the bread gets buttered and then grilled to absolute perfection. If that still wasn’t enough cheese for you, it's sliced and served with a drizzle of Alfredo sauce. Holy cow! All this cheese is making our heads spin. This sandwich is the work of a cheese genius and we are loving every bite of it!

The audience was left drooling, and viewer @Don’treadme commented, “Sigh. I’ll be forever sad till I eat this now.” We're feeling your anguish! Viewer @Sarah Brown commented,“When I say I would quickly turn into Ross Geller if someone ever stole this sandwich from me, I 100% mean it!” We believe you, just like Ross, we would need a sedative if someone stole this sandwich from us, too! 

We're feeling sad for our lactose intolerant friends but very happy for those who live in the Connecticut/New York City metro area and can try this for themselves. If you’re able to eat this panini, for the love of food, please do. We can’t wait to hear all about it!