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Mom's 'Chicken Alfredo Pasta Bake' Is a Guaranteed Winner

If you’re looking to serve an indulgent meal for dinner tonight, we have found just the one to do it. This savory recipe looks so amazingly good! TikTok content creator @whatsmomcookin teaches us how to make homemade Alfredo with chicken and bacon. And it looks divine. 

This creamy Alfredo will exceed all of your pasta expectations. 

Oh, my goodness. This rich and creamy meal is packed with savory flavors. To start this delectable meal, she cuts bacon into bite-sized pieces, cooks them in a frying pan, and then drains all but 2 tablespoons of grease. She uses the reserved bacon fat to cook the diced chicken breast. So yummy! She makes a gorgeous creamy sauce using butter, garlic, heavy cream, flaked Parmesan, and reserved pasta water. It looks so amazing! Then she adds the pasta, chicken, and bacon to the creamy sauce. Top this dish with shredded cheese and bake until it's golden brown and bubbly! Oh, be still our hearts. 

This simple meal could be served with broccoli, or baby spinach mixed into the sauce. Brussel sprouts on the side might also go nicely here, too.

The audience wasted no time making this incredible dish. Viewer @JustinCollins718 commented, “Made this for my daughter and I. Absolutely delicious! Her eyes lit up with the first bite and gave me a high five! Going to be on the menu frequently.” Viewer @MariaButera added, “I just made this - you definitely need to add much more Parmesan cheese and make sure you add plenty of salt & pepper, otherwise it will be bland.” That's a great tip! 

We'll be doing a few extra reps at the gym today to justify devouring this meal tonight. We can’t get this creamy meal into our bellies fast enough!