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'Chicken Penne Vodka Pizza' From Brooklyn Pizza Shop Is Just Epic

We've been fortunate enough to enjoy many NYC pizzas, and we know just how spectacular they are. TikTok content creator @devourpower brings us along on his visit to Krispy Pizza, and this pie is different from anything we’ve tried before. It’s always great when you can enjoy two spectacular meals in one.

This chicken penne vodka pizza is not for Keto diets. But this carbohydrate lover's dish is worth the splurge!

Now that’s a pizza! We are really like how this pizza starts with a freshly made dough, that looks so soft and delicious. We’ve never thought to start the crust with the cheese first, but it sounds like a winning idea. Once the cheese is melted, they top the entire pie with house-made penne vodka. If that isn’t enough to keep you satisfied, it gets a healthy dose of diced crispy chicken. Yum! The fresh mozzarella on top of that chicken looks beyond spectacular. Then a little more of their special vodka sauce and a few sprinkles of Parmesan cheese and it’s off to the pizza oven. This delectable pie looks like the perfect marriage of pasta and pizza to us.

The audience was loving this pizza, and viewer @Syan commented, "I WANT THAT.” We do, too! But some were on the fence. Viewer @aidenardiel noted, “You know, it looks amazing, but I don't know about pasta on pizza.” That’s understandable, but it’s always good to try new things. (Especially things with that much cheese!)

This pizza might just be the very definition of carb overload, but if we’re going to spend the weekend walking around the city, we’ll burn off those calories in no time.