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Tempting 'Chicken and Rice Casserole' Recipe Is Going Viral

We aren’t sure why chicken and rice make us feel so darn good. All we know is that this combo is at the very top of our comfort-food list. TikTok content creator @_mrmakeithappen_ shows us how to make this classic casserole from scratch. And it looks unreal. 

This mouthwatering casserole is filled with gooey goodness.

All that cheese is making us so hungry. We don't have anything against using cream of chicken soup in a casserole. However, now that we know how to make it from scratch, it might become our new go-to way to prepare this meal. This cheesy dish looks so much better than any casserole we've made before. This is a perfect meal to make on the weekend and you can enjoy as an easy meal all week long. 

The audience was ready to give this meal a try, and viewer @TeachU was willing to suffer for this sensational meal. "I’m lactose intolerant, but I’m willing to deal with it for recipe.” If you're lactose intolerant, this might be one dish that's worth the pain. Viewer @Nedra Cobb suggested, “Swap the yellow rice for cauliflower rice and it will still smash for the keto community! Thanks for this recipe.” What a great suggestion! Commenter @GailDoubrava points out, "Finally! A chicken dish without cream of chicken soup or cream cheese. Now, don't get me wrong. I like both of them. But…” We also think this scratch-made version is the way to go!

This comforting meal is just so perfect for those cool nights. We're very excited to give this stellar recipe a taste!