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Fun 'Chili's' Burger Hack Might Be a Stroke of Genius

We all have those days where we just want to consume a few extra-indulgent calories. One of our favorite places to eat and TikTok content creator @chilisofficial shows us how one diner levels-up sliders, and now, we can't get them out of our heads. We have got to try this!

We didn’t think we could love our sliders any more than we already do!

How yummy is this a great idea? OK, so you won’t be sharing his hack with your cardiologist, but that’s alright. This little "extra" can be our secret! We usually only think about getting a side of queso for our tortilla chips, but we're totally on board with dipping our sliders in it, too! Genius! As we think about it, it also has to taste pretty great on those fries!

The audience loved this great hack, and viewer @ness commented, “I will be doing this!” You can also count us in for dipping! Viewer @Emily asked, “I don’t see white queso on the online menu- just white SPINACH queso. Is that what it is or is it just new?” Chili’s replied, “You can still get white queso! It may not appear online, but the restaurant can give you queso w/out the extras that make it spinach queso. Thanks!” That’s so good to know. Viewer @ALODIE added, “Darn, I just ate and I’m hungry again.” We're feeling pretty hungry ourselves.

We are excited to give this sensational idea a try! Lucky for us, we don’t have any dinner plans yet, and we have a Chili’s close by. You’ll find us enjoying these sliders with queso tonight!