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Viral Recipe for 'Chocolate Brownie Dish' Is Sure to Impress

This sinful pudding almost stopped our hearts. If you’ve been saving up your calories for a worthy treat, you might just want to spend them on this one. TikTok content creator @patrickzeinali has us completely mesmerized by his brownie pudding.

This amazing recipe for "chocolate brownie dish" was not at all what we expected!

This recipe is so easy, we could whip it together right now. And to be honest, we are considering it. This delectable dish begins by using a food processor to blend 3 cups of Oreos into a fine powder. Then he whisks milk and baking powder into the cookies. He pours the mix into a parchment lined baking dish and pops it into the oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. He makes fresh whipped cream and spreads onto the baked and cooled Oreo brownie base. Over the whipped cream layer, he spreads on a divine layer of chocolate ganache made from warm cream and chocolate chips. He adds a few chocolate sprinkles on top to finish this glorious dessert. OMG, we need this pudding! 

The audience was enchanted by this lovely dessert. Viewer @user6969199784697 made a great point. “We could totally make this a gluten-free dish too, because Oreo makes gluten-free cookies.” That is a great idea for our GF friends. Viewer @Mathi commented, “Bro, keep making these. I make them and my family calls me the best baker because of you. Thank you so much.” We think this pudding could earn you the family's favorite award for sure!

We are so excited to give this recipe a try. It’s so easy to prepare, but it’s also so fancy looking too! This recipe will be part of our holiday feast this year for sure!

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