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Chocolate-Covered 'Bats and Jacks' Are the Treat of Halloween

We are always looking for new adorable ways to make tasty Halloween treats. And there’s just nothing better than a salty-sweet snack. Our favorite pretzel maker and TikTok content creator @utzsnacks shows us how to make the cutest little treats in no time at all.

Everyone will love this adorable snack! And it’s so easy, you’ll be making them every year.

This is such a great idea! We love chocolate covered pretzels so much. And using the Halloween shaped pretzels was a stroke of pure genius. You could make these with dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate or butterscotch morsels, too. These super cute pretzels would also look terrific on top of your Halloween cupcakes. There are so many ways to use these delicious treats, and if we're being honest, we're already thinking about what to do with the holiday shaped pretzels too. A peppermint bark pretzel might just be in our near future.

The audience also loved this fabulous idea, and viewer @Thursday commented, “I don't know why, but the Halloween pretzels are so much better than the original.” We aren’t sure either, but something makes them better. Viewer @DaJaguarKidd commented, "Dammit, now I want chocolate covered pretzels.” We're feeling hungry for those, too! Viewer @camhadley12 commented, “I have gone to five stores in one weekend for these and cannot find anything. I’m emotionally distraught. Please help.” Too funny, but don’t stress if you can’t find them. You can always make the regular pretzels this way and sprinkle them with black and orange sprinkles. No one will know and they will be equally festive and just as delicious!

We are so happy to know about this great idea. We can’t wait to give them a taste!