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Chris Evans Loves To Eat One Particular Treat and We’re Here For It

Everyone has a go-to snack. Some people love to munch on chips. Others prefer pretzels. Yet many snackers have a sweet tooth. Candy might be bad for your teeth, but it’s good for your soul. We’re convinced that chocolatiers are doing God’s work. But not all sweet treats appear in chocolate form. We can’t forget about yummy gummy bears, sugary Jolly Ranchers, or the Easter basket favorite Peeps. However, one sweet treat will help you stay close-talker-ready.

In a TikTok video by content creator @cevansyou, they share footage of Chris Evans, a.k.a. Captain America disclosing how much he enjoys mints. Yes, any Chris fan knows he loves jelly beans. But he loathes halitosis. Hey, we can’t blame him. We all love fresh breath.

We totally get where he’s coming from because many of us are habitual mint poppers. It is awkward to tell someone their breath arrived before they did. This is why we like his lead by sucking on a mint example. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers felt about the dreamy star’s revelation. User @user1364091572093 joked, “Me buying mints after watching this.” @Winter Soldier wrote, “Me brushing my teeth after this.” @Yana jested, “I'm rubbing mint all over my body from now on.” @CocoMikmik replied, “He is just always prepared for any inevitable kissing moments.” @@🐚 disclosed, “His dad is a dentist, I believe.” 

Yes, his dad is a dentist and taught his son well. We appreciate a man that practices good hygiene. We’re sure his co-stars also appreciate the gesture, even if it burns their eyes a bit. It’s better than holding your breath when stinky breath creeps in the air. If you enjoyed this video, and we’re positive you did, please visit @cevansyou’s TikTok channel. It’s full of all things Chris Evans. That’s enough reason to check it out.

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