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Gorgeous 'Christmas Charcuterie Board' Is Truly a Work of Art

If you love making charcuterie, this idea is going to help elevate your holiday entertaining. TikTok content creator @champagneang shows us how to turn our boring boards into a holiday wonderland. And it’s almost too pretty to eat!

This is not your average cheese plate. This beautiful board was made for holiday entertaining! 

We're thankful for the naturally artistic who create these amazing ideas! This simple but sensational idea uses a brie round that’s been sliced in half horizontally. Using one of round halves, she cuts a Christmas tree into the center. On the uncut half, she spreads on cranberry sauce and places the cut round on top. She decorates this gorgeous cheese with fresh sprigs of rosemary, prosciutto, and little toothpicks with cheese, olives, and pepperoni. How delicious! This great idea can be customized to fit your tastes. This beautiful board can be served with veggies, crostini and crackers.

The audience was excited to have this idea for their holiday spread. Viewer @CaitlinTarver commented, “This makes me holly jolly. Saved to collections bestie.” It makes us feel pretty jolly too! Viewer @ChloeCashmere said, “Charcuter-wreath.” Ha, so true! Viewer @Em commented, “Hear me out… put it in the oven for a bit to make it gooey and warm.” And the recipes creator replied, “Yesss love putting the Brie in the oven after.” We like the idea of warming this brie too! 

We're excited to give this great idea a try! Amazing food somehow tastes even better when it looks this beautiful!