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Recipe for 'Cinnamon Bun Spread Rolls' Is So Indulgent We Can't Stand It

If you love a good cinnamon roll hot from the oven, but have no interest in baking them from scratch, this next idea is going to become your favorite recipe. TikTok content creator @cookiterica shows us how to make cinnamon buns with this fabulous find from Trader Joe's. And we are hooked!

Easy cinnamon buns in a snap! Just another reason to love Trader Joe's!

Leave it to Trader Joe’s, to blow our minds again. They have a cinnamon bun spread!? OMG! This is the stuff our dreams are made of. Consider our lives changed. This ingenious recipe uses store-bought Hawaiian rolls with the center hollowed out and the TJ's cinnamon bun spread poured inside. Wow, we would never have thought to do this. These look sensational! She tells us that after they’re baked; they get a cream cheese drizzle on top. That sure sounds great to us!

The audience loved this smart recipe hack. Viewer @DeeDeeMcG commented, “I’m going to mix with my homemade apple pie filling-thanks for the inspiration yet again!!” Wow, that sounds fabulous too! Another great tip came from viewer @BlondieBinTx, who noted, “I found some Carmel apple spread there a couple weeks ago and have had no idea what to do with it. Now I know!” Holy moly! We will definitely be making a run to Trader Joe’s this week for a jar of that, too.

This might become one of our favorite hacks of the season. We love cinnamon buns, and we love this easy idea! Thank you Trader Joe’s for helping to make our sweet dreams come true!