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Cinnamon Roll Cake Recipe Is So Good Even Betty Crocker Is a Fan

Cinnamon rolls are the best thing ever! We’re serious about our statement. They’re warm, moist, and sweet. What’s not to love about these things? You can eat them any time of the day. Some people make them on the weekends or holidays with a large breakfast. But you can pop them into the oven whenever the mood strikes. However, did you know you can turn your cinnamon rolls into another fantastic dessert? Want to know how? Continue reading.

In a recent TikTok video by content creator @cookiesandcups, she shares her decadent recipe for cinnamon roll cake. Now we adore cinnamon rolls, but the idea of eating them as a cake has us super excited. We’re positive this is going to be a winner. Betty Crocker even left a comment on the recipe.

Yes, we’re ready to dive head first into that cinnamon roll cake. Oh my goodness, they thing wouldn’t last long in our house. Let’s see how the TikTok community feels about this recipe. The baked goods company @Betty Crocker wrote, “WOW, that looks incredible.” @user1679336680175gran said, “Thanks going to try.” @Suzie remarked, “Looks amazing.” @Anne Bevilacqua158 shared, “I love cinnamon. Thanks!” @Stephanie Moore Shan exclaimed, “Made it this morning, and my family loved it! I will definitely make it again!” @Angela Cottrell replied, “Ooh, This Looks Soooo Gooood.” @Lovetye Smith said, “You did an amazing job!”

We agree with you, @Lovetye Smith. The cake turned out lovely. If only we could pull a slice through our screens. If you liked this delicious recipe, please visit the @cookiesandcups’ TikTok channel. It’s full of tasty meals you have to try.