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Mom's Recipe for 'Cinnamon Roll Ghosts' Is the Breakfast Hit of Halloween

On a cold morning, you want to pull the blankets over your head and fall back asleep. But the responsibilities of school or work won’t leave you alone. You realize you have to get out of the warm bed. As you’re trudging through the hall, your stomach grumbles. If you move a little faster, you might be able to make breakfast. However, if you meal prep the night before, you could have breakfast waiting for you. Meal prepping doesn’t take long. It could be as simple as baking muffins.

In a TikTok video, content creator @kristensellentin shares her recipe for Cinnamon Roll Ghosts. Yes, she’s added a ghoulish flare to an already tasty treat. These are just spooktacular!

The recipe for Cinnamon Roll Ghosts is simple. Yet the outcome is impressive. We enjoyed watching her shape the cinnamon roll into the shape of a ghost. We hope our Cinnamon Roll Ghosts look like hers. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers reacted. User @tasting_tjs said, “This is adorable.” @Emma Jane revealed, “I love these. OMG.” @Nature Restore exclaimed, “The cutest cinnamon roll ghosts!” @casandra disclosed, “Too cute! Def want to make these.” @rocio o exclaimed, “An excellent idea to do with the kids. Thank you so much!” @lAuRa717 joked, “They do remind me of those Martians from Sesame Street.” @FashionJennyUGC replied, “You did this good.”

We agree these Cinnamon Roll Ghosts turned out very well. We think they’ll be a hit at home, school, or work. If you enjoyed the video, please visit @kristensellentin’s TikTok channel. You’ll be relieved you did.