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Dad's Recipe for 'Classic Goulash' Is Like Heaven in a Pot

If you’re in the mood for a good, old-fashioned American goulash, stay tuned. You’ll want to see this super simple version that’s going to make preparing dinner so much easier. TikTok content creator @cookinginthemidwest shows us his recipe one-pot recipe, and it looks so amazing!

This comfort food favorite is perfect for chilly nights!

When we make goulash, we tend to blow up the kitchen. There’s the pan for browning beef; there’s the pot for boiling water; there’s the baking dish that always gets so crusty it takes three days to clean. So this version feels especially good to us. Using only a cast-iron skillet, he browns the ground beef and soaks up the extra grease using tongs and a paper towel. We love that trick! Then he adds in the tomatoes and bay leaves, covers and allows it to cook for about 10 minutes. Finally, he adds uncooked elbows to the pot and gives them time to cook. So effortless! To serve, he sprinkles fresh shredded cheddar on top. Yay!

The audience was happy to be reminded of this comforting classic. Viewer @JaretReddick commented, “We used to call this goulash too! My mom makes it all the time! Might be time to bring it back! Thanks for this!” We are thankful for this reminder too! Viewer @lindatoliver noted, “I'm from Detroit, that's how my mom made goulash. I get fancy sometimes and use half a pound of ground beef and half a pound of mild Italian sausage. Yum.” That’s a nice variation for this recipe too! 

However you decide to make this timeless favorite, we know it will be delicious. It’s nice to be reminded of this easy and inexpensive meal. It’s perfect for making ahead, too, and enjoying all week long.