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Married Couple's Coke vs. Pepsi Challenge Ends With an Unexpected Twist

Back in the day, we had married couples scattered throughout prime time. Hart to Hart, McMillian & Wife, and Tucker’s Witch were a few shows showcasing the detective skills of a husband-and-wife duo. Faster than you could run to the fridge during a commercial break, the tv stars would be involved in a high-speed chase. Sometimes, they’d get into a competition while working a case. If you enjoy seeing couples compete, stay tuned.

The lovable TikTok users @maya.and.hunter return with more wholesome shenanigans in a recent two-part video series. This time, they’re competing in the Coke Vs. Pepsi Challenge. It’s a taste test to see if they can pick out the specific type of each cola. Get ready to place your bets. This isn't how they thought things would turn out!

LOL! We think Hunter’s off to a good start with two correct answers. But what are TikTok users saying? User @Alyssa said, “Did this at a fair, and it’s hard to guess.” @user4118428181001 replied, “He almost had it right away! Trust your gut. LOL.” @chaoscore cryptid revealed, “I had a professor do this test. He explained that it's the same formula, so that’s why you can't really tell the difference.” Thanks for sharing that information @chaoscore cryptid. Let’s watch part two to see the results.

We did not see that coming. We thought Maya would win since she got to go second. It looks like TikTok was surprised too. @Erika said, “I am so confident that these all have distinctly different tastes. But the number of people I’ve watched fail makes me doubt myself.” @Meghan disclosed, “Bro, I wanted so bad for Maya to win!” That would have been awesome if she’d won. But for anyone thinking of trying this challenge, consider the advice shared by a viewer. @ Jessica Rabbit suggested, “You need a palate cleanser in between!”

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