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Traditional 'Colcannon' Recipe Comes With Some Interesting Folklore

We enjoy learning about recipes with a robust history. You know they have to be good if they have been passed along for future generations to enjoy. TikTok content creator shows us how to make a traditional Samhain potato recipe.

These little pots are filled with liquid gold!

Wow, those pots of potatoes look so yummy! This traditional recipe was served by the Celts on the first day of November, to mark the beginning of winter. For this classic dish, she first prepares the clove butter, which is a stick of butter mixed with honey. She forms it into a log and then it’s frozen. She boils the potatoes and sautés the green onion with shredded cabbage. She combines the softened potatoes with butter and then mashes in the greens. 

The mashed potato mixture is served in little pots with a hole carved out on top. The simply place a sliced round of honey butter into the hole. Yes, please! You can make these with or without the folklore charms, but we think it would be a ton of fun to make them with a surprise inside. The contrast between the cabbage, honey and spring onion must be truly delectable.

The audience was happy to see this recipe. Viewer @Trishlyn commented, “I make it every year on the 31st. My grandma used to form the cold leftovers into patties and fry them in the morning with eggs.” And the videos creator replied, "What an AWESOME idea!!" Viewer @MetachemicalIntelligence asked, "Does it HAVE to be during Samhain or can it be made any time during harvest season?” And the videos creator replied, "You know, technically it’s associated with Samhain & Esbat dinners. But I enjoy a lot of things outside of their designated holiday. Hope that helps!” Good to know!

We can't wait to taste this. We think our family will enjoy the story of this dish as much as they do the potatoes themselves!

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