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Woman Makes Over-the-Top Comfort Food for Her Boyfriend and People Want Him to Propose

Many of us live very active lives. We go to school, work, and appointments yet still find time to be caregivers, parents, partners, and friends. So, at the end of a busy day, we all want to relax and enjoy a good meal. But not all of us were blessed with culinary skills. Plus, some people don’t want to cook unless it’s necessary. Hey, we get it. Cooking can be tiresome. But if someone is willing to make you savory meals, you should keep them around.

In a recent TikTok video by content creator @rd_eats, we see what she’s willing to do for love. Her cooking skills would make any man want to marry her. If he won’t marry her, there are other people waiting in line. Check out this incredible comfort food meal!

That’s the type of food to get a “yes” to any question! Everything on the plate looked so good. We’re ready to have our serving right now. Let’s see how TikTok viewers reacted to this hypnotic video. User @No said, “If you’re ever thinking of having kids, you can adopt me.” Another commenter asked, “Did he say yes after you proposed with that plate? Because that kind of plate is a marriage proposal.” @MuvaJoyJoy replied, “That’s how food looks when it’s made with LOVE.” @More Than Potential remarked, “Boyfriend? If he doesn’t propose, I WILL. LOL.”

Well, we can see that @rd_eats care enough to do her very best. We hope that her dream proposal is right around the corner. But in the meantime, we’ll continue to follow her TikTok channel @rd_eats for more mouth-watering meals. 

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