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Easy Store-Bought Cookie Dough Hack Makes a Stunning and Irresistible Dessert

If you have a busy schedule and are looking for a quick dessert idea, this sweet treat is about to make your life so easy! We love everything about this hack. TikTok content creator @lifeandsprinkles shows us how to prepare scrumptious cookie bars like we’ve never seen them done before, using store-bought, refrigerated cookie dough.

This trick is a real treat! 

Holy cow! Those look amazing! For this recipe, she uses one container of Pillsbury sugar cookie dough for the bottom and one Pillsbury pumpkin cookie dough for the top. We didn’t even know that pumpkin cookie dough existed. WhooHoo! She tells us that she presses the sugar cookie dough into a parchment lined pan, to cover the bottom completely. Then, she tops the dough with caramel and pecans and covers that gooey center with the pumpkin dough. That sure looks good!

The combinations that can be created from this concept are endless. Chocolate chip with a peanut butter/fudge center. Sugar cookie with raspberry and white chocolate. Yummy!

The recipe creator mentioned in the comments, “Be sure to bake until golden brown. Line with parchment (I forgot), and I let them set in the fridge. They will be chewy and gooey!” Sounds wonderful to us! Commenter @AshleyNicoleMcAlli is honest about the problem we often face as well, saying, “My cookie dough never makes it to cookies lol, but this looks so good.” We understand this issue perfectly. 

Whatever combinations you decide on, we know you’ll be making this recipe for years to come. We're looking forward to tying these out with our game day spread this weekend!