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Video of Recipe for Incredible 'Cookies and Cream Cold Brew' Is Going Viral

If you’re feeling a little sluggish at the moment, you’ve got to check out this cold brew recipe! This super easy idea uses only a few ingredients, and it will have you happy to stay home for all of your coffee needs. TikTok content creator @alexischanyl show us how to take our next cup of coffee up a few notches. 

We love the concept; it’s kind of like a coffee and a snack, all in one! Check out this incredible cookies and cream cold brew! 

Seriously, this recipe must be the brainchild of an evil genius. We've never even considered putting Oreos in our cold brew, but now that we’ve seen it, we are going to have to try it. Add milk to the bottom of a glass, then throw in a few Oreos. Once they soften up, use a hand-held frother to blend them together. Add some ice, and then your favorite cold brew. Stir it up, add a straw and you’re done! Yay!

After seeing this, it’s hard to imagine needing to visit Starbucks or anywhere else, when you can create this at home anytime you like. We think this knowledge might come with its own risks, but we'll definitely try to exercise some self-control.

Viewers were ready to get their sugar rush on, and @LifestyleLove said,
“Holy Yum! Such a good idea. Thank you for sharing.” Viewer @AloriMendoza pointed out, “Forgot the whipped cream.” We initially didn’t think this required anything else, but we stand corrected!

We think this drink/snack might become our new afternoon pick-me-up. If you drink your cookies, they have fewer calories… Right?