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Man’s Copycat Recipe for ‘Chili’s’ Southwest Egg Rolls Looks Even Better Than the Original

Have you ever gone out to eat and fallen in love with your meal? Perhaps the pasta was cooked just right. Or the grilled burger’s flavor tasted way better than anything you could do at home. Yes, we feel your pain. Sometimes, restaurant entrees and appetizers are the best food ever. But how can you get the same meal at home? Well, copycat recipes are the way to go. Many of them hit the mark when matching taste and presentation.

In a recent TikTok video by foodie @onestopchop_, he works his culinary magic on a copycat recipe of a loved Chili’s appetizer. If you’ve ever tasted the Southwest egg rolls at Chili’s, you’ll understand our desire to have them again. But if going out to eat doesn’t interest you at the moment, that’s okay. Get the restaurant experience at home with these copycat egg rolls!

We watched that video a few times. But could you blame us? The cooking process can be hypnotic if filmed correctly. Let’s see if the TikTok viewers also want to gobble up those Southwest Egg Rolls. User @SmileBeauTifulsaid, “Oowee, definitely wanna try this. Looks delish.” @ PhoenixisMe1234 stated, “I love this. It’s much healthier than a restaurant.” @Steph revealed, “I just purchased your bundle cookbook! I hope this is in it! Looks so good!”

Yes, the food looks delicious. If you want videos that lull you into cooking, then the @onestopchop_ TikTok channel is for you. There are tons of scrumptious recipes waiting for you. Go ahead and give them a try.