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Copycat ‘Disney Dole Whip’ Recipe Is the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Yes, Disney World/Disneyland is where dreams come true. But if you’re like many of us, stuck at home or work, your dreams might be paused. However, if you’re longing for the cool and creamy Dole Whip found in the Disney parks, we have good news. You can make a satisfying copycat Dole Whip at home courtesy of this simple recipe.

TikTok content creator @popkitchenfromparade is back with a melt-in-your-mouth treat. The Disney Dole Whip is a staple for all park visitors. But once you’ve left the magical land, eating the dessert isn’t possible until now. If you’ve wanted a copycat Dole Whip recipe, then check this one out. We think it’s a great alternative when you can’t make it to the parks. Bring the magic of Disney into your own kitchen!

Yes, this copycat recipe is our favorite new thing. It’s the perfect summertime snack. We’re already looking forward to trying it. But let’s see if TikTok users are feeling the love for it too. User @Krystie replied, “Looks like a delicious slushy.” @Mandie Martinez exclaimed, “I love pineapple!” @Jaiden Edwards301 said, “Looks yummy.” However, some viewers pointed out an addition to this recipe not found in the Disney version. @Anita Addams said, “The Disney one is dairy-free.”

While we understand the Disney version is dairy-free, this copycat recipe is refreshing. If you don’t want to use ice cream, you can substitute it with a non-dairy vanilla frozen dessert. Either way, if you make this copycat Dole Whip, the outcome will be a smooth, a chilly dream come true.