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Woman’s Secret to Making Copycat ‘In-N-Out’ Burgers at Home Is Just Too Good

When a burger is right, it sells itself. In-N-Out Burger has a reputation for making the best burgers around. Just one look at those juicy patties, and your mouth waters. But if you’re like us, the closest In-N-Out Burger is a plane ride away. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a copycat In-N-Out Burger tonight.

TikTok user @brightsignslearning’s recent video offers a solution to our burger woes. No, she doesn’t provide free plane fare for those wanting to try In-N-Out Burger. (But that would be so fantastic if she did.)  If you aren’t near an In-N-Out Burger, this copycat recipe is the next best thing. Check it out.

Hmm, that animal sauce looks good. We’d give it a try because who doesn’t love a sauce-covered burger? However, the TikTok community is divided on this copycat recipe. @S. Romero replied, “For a large fast food chain, yep, they get my vote for best. The double-double with both grilled and fresh onions and the usuals, of course.” @ jd wrote, “In-N-Out Burger is the best. PERIOD!” @Lawrence Ondatje said, “It is the best ever.”

As usual, some viewers came after @brightsignslearning because they prefer other burger brands. @charles degeso protested, “In-N-Out is the most overrated fast food burger. It’s all hype.” Another user commented, “Whataburger is by far the BEST BURGER!!!!” User @incognito said, “Unpopular opinion maybe, but I enjoy a tasty Sonic cheeseburger from time to time.” Okay, so the In-N-Out Burger might not be your jam. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the animal sauce anyway. Who knows? You might enjoy it.

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