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Woman’s Copycat ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’ Recipe Fools Even the Toughest Critics

Everyone’s favorite chicken joint, Kentucky Fried Chicken, has been a top fast-food giant for decades. Colonel Sanders would be amazed at how huge his business has grown. KFC has stood firm against fried chicken franchise competitors. The strength of KFC lies in its unique taste. The chicken is distinctive and doesn’t taste like anyone else’s. 

In a recent TikTok video by @brunchwithbabs, we’re given a copycat recipe for KFC. Of course, we’re a bit skeptical because restaurant recipes are often well-guarded and difficult to duplicate. But the recipe looks fantastic, and we think she may have discovered the magic combination of herbs and spices. Plus, her recipe includes something we support. Her version is made in the oven, so it’s also much healthier.

It looks as though Babs’ recipe may make us all forget about frying with oil! Her version appears crispy and juicy. We’ll take a bucket of her chicken to go and taste test it. TikTok users are pretty impressed with this recipe. User @Dan revealed, “I once worked at KFC. I can say she’s cracked the code! Secret recipe no more!” @Brett Gallagher disclosed, “I used to be a KFC cook, and I think Babs’ is better.” @miffylemon5 said, “Miss Babs has done it again!” 

Well, this video certainly made us ready to munch. We enjoy recipes that update or give a new twist to a classic meal. KFC is definitely a classic. If you enjoyed Miss Babs’ recipe, check out her TikTok channel @brunchwithbabs. She offers a variety of yummy meals and a warm personality.

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