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Woman’s Copycat ‘Krispy Kreme’ Donut Recipe Is the Stuff of Dreams

So, you like donuts? Of course, you do. There is a donut flavor for everyone. Plus, donut franchises are practically everywhere. It’s not difficult to pass one during your commute. If there aren’t any close by, many supermarkets sell donuts in their bakery section. Yes, we’re a society of donut lovers. But what if you love baking? Ever tried to make your own donuts? If not, we’ve got a fantastic recipe for you.

In a TikTok recipe by content creator @thestayathomechef, she shares her simple yet satisfying copycat Krispy Kreme donut recipe. If you like trying copycat recipes, this one’s a winner. Having hot, fresh donuts at home has never been easier.

Those glazed donuts look like they came from Krispy Kreme. We’re looking forward to testing her recipe. There is no substitution for homemade donuts. Let’s see how TikTok viewers reacted to her recipe. User @Laura Norton said, “This looks amazing, but Krispy Kreme is only 1 hour away!” @jetsetter78 disclosed, “My toxic trait involves me doing all this work and then rewarding myself by eating all of them for a job well done.” @Maria Needs remarked, “Thank you for sharing.” @Gelato University revealed, “I might have to try this with my kids. They’d be so excited. Looks awesome thanks for sharing.” @SaviS. wrote, “I just realized I use your recipes on Pinterest. Best ever. Thank you for sharing.”

People appreciate this recipe because it’s simple, and the outcome is delicious donuts. You can’t go wrong with that. If you liked @thestayathomechef’s copycat recipe, visit her TikTok channel. You’ll find lots of food content to inspire tonight’s dinner.