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Man's Incredible 'Broccoli Cheese Soup' Recipe Promises to Be Better Than 'Panera'

Oh. My. Goodness. This soup has us so excited, we can’t stop watching the video. We love you, Panera, with your amazingly beautiful bread bowls but move over. This broccoli and cheddar soup has come to play! We'll be looking forward to cool fall nights and winter snow or any excuse to smell this dreamy copycat soup cooking in our house. 

TikTok content creator @chefkeysh makes us want to get into the kitchen tonight and get this started! Best of all, it takes only 30 minutes to whip up this creamy, warm soup! We guarantee you won't be able to say no after seeing this recipe. With over 9 million views, it's already a major hit!

Get in mah bell-eh! The recipe begins by dicing 1/2 an onion, mincing 5 cloves of garlic, shredding 3 whole carrots, and chopping 3 cups of broccoli. Melt a half stick of butter and cook the onions until fragrant, add garlic, then toast down 2tsp of seasoning salt, 1tsp garlic powder, and 1tsp paprika. Add 3 Tbsp of flour and cook until dissolved, then pour in 2 cups of chicken stock. 

Lower the temperature, cover and cook for 5 minutes or until thickened. Add broccoli, carrots and two cups of light cream, cover and cook for 15 minutes, and then add one cup of shredded cheddar cheese. Serve it with a warm crusty bread. Wow, that was easy!

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Many viewers were getting on board with this fall classic. @Sypherblade said, “It’s 110 degrees where I’m at, but I still couldn’t help to want this soup in my belly. NOW! 😅” Another viewer, @Brittany Bolden had the perfect suggestion, saying, "Now do a sourdough bread bowl so we can have BOTH." We could totally get behind that idea! And @Rayann didn't wait to try the recipe, chiming in with, "This was amazing. I just made it, thank you!" Given how incredible this looks, we won't be far behind her in trying it! 

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